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The Different Editing
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What are the different editing styles

Video editing comes in many forms, the type of editing style you use is dependent on the application of what you are doing.

There are Five main types of video editing
  • Proffessional
  • Minimalistic
  • Animatitive
  • Maximalistic
  • Miscellaneous
  • The Application of different styles

    The application of which style of Video Editing is dependent on what you are editing for, if you are creating a commercial you are likely to create either a Animatitive or a Proffessional style Video, as these are the most well suited styles for high end, proffessional looking videos.


    Proffessionally styled videos are usually high budget promotional videos done to market a product, these are usually found in commercials or ads on tv, youtube and etc. These proffessionally styled videos are done with a minimalistic intention, however what seperates them from minimilistic styling is their attention to detail as well as smooth effects, that may seem over the top, fit right in with the video when correctly applied.
    Below are some Proffessionally edited commercials.


    Minimalistic style editing is a style of editing that is used when the intention of the video is to showcase the footage, this is usually done in compilation videos (montages of clips) or product showcasing, where the primary focus of the editing is to only enhance the visuals of the current video, this includes trimming unneeded footage or adding basic colour correcttion
    Below are some videos with minimalistic style editing


    Animatitive Video editing is a style of video editing done where by you are either creating an animation from scratch or you are adding animated elements to your pre-existing video, this is done in all areas of editing from commercial to at home creative use. Animative Editing can add an extra flare to any video.
    Below are some Animatitive videos


    Maximalistic editing is a style of editing that is used to showcase the editors own style and skill when it comes to applying effects correctly, done well and it creates a wonderfully intertwined and complex video, most of maximalistic editing is done with preservation of the raw footage as an afterthought, these are the videos that commonly have epilepsy warnings before watching.
    Below are Maximalistic styled videos


    Lastly but not least, miscellaneous editing is all other types of editing that land in the gray lines between editing styles, this includes music videos, remastered footage and etc.
    Below are Miscellaneous styled videos