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What is Video Editing?

Video editing is manipulating a video to change it in some way, whether this be as simple as adding background music or trimming a clip, to creating a splurge of beautifully intertwined effects to the video, video editing is the action of changing the composition of a video.

Programs that can be used for video editing can range in accessability and price points from iMovie that comes free with every mac, to proffessional softwares with $1000 dollar liscences for enterprise use.

Here are a list of the most well-known software for Video Editing
  • iMovie
  • Sony Vegas
  • Premier Pro
  • After Effects
  • CyberLink
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Pinnacle
  • How to start video editing

    Video Editing is a hobby that takes time and dedication to the craft, however the benchmark of skill needed to be able to start is very little, it's as easy as picking an editing software, watching a tutorial online and learning as you go. While it may seem challenging at first within a couple tries it's a simple process consisting of a couple steps

    Step 1 - Picking a software

    The most beginner friendly softwares for Video Manipulation is iMovie or Premier Pro, as they have in-built tutorials and user friendly guides online on how to use and create with the software, here's a link to some tutorials online on how to use these beginner orientated softwares:

    Step 2 - Finding Footage

    This step is optional for some Video edits but for most footage to edit is important as Video editing usually requires a video, to edit, however some programs such as After Effects don't necessarily a imported video, as they can create Solids that can have effects applied to create fancy animations, such as the background photos created using the plexus plugin. Websites that are useful for finding footage are usually stock footage websites such as Shutterstock or Adobe Stock.

    Step 3 - Editing the video

    Picture of Video editing software

    Editing the video is the essential part in what makes a video edited, as without it, it would be a collection of raw footage with no order. Video editing is the broadest of all these steps as this goes from clipping the videos together to adding colour correction and text.

    The first step of editing the video is putting all your clips into your composition (actual video editing file).

    The most common next step is adding markes and trimming your footage to place it where you want it, as well as adding markers in the composition if you are trying to sync the video with audio.

    After this adding colour correction and post processing effects is common, as you can get a feel for the colour pallete that is going to be utilized in the

    Video editing as a hobby

    To the left is a video of me discussing Video editing as a hobby.

    To watch it you will need headphones